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8th Grade End-of-Year Celebrations - please donate!

Planning for the 8th grade end-of-year celebrations requires items that we hope many of you will donate. At the dance we would like to have a variety of snacks (all pre-wrapped). These can include crackers, goldfish, cookies, pretzels, chips, etc. Please consider donating a box of any individually pre-wrapped snacks.

We also need the small water bottles (8 ounces). Please consider donating a case of water.

For the picnic the students have a tradition of signing their 8th grade t-shirts. We are asking for donations of SILVER SHARPIES. We need at least 100, so please consider donating a package if possible.

Donations may be dropped off in the office anytime. We appreciate your support and look forward to all our 8th grade graduation celebrations.

Questions: Kim Trezona (919-616-6512) or kim.trezona@jostens.com

Click on the link below to signup and thank you for your donations.


EOG Proctors Needed - Please Volunteer

Thanks to those of you who have already volunteered to help with this years testing! Your time is greatly appreciated!

We still have a lot of proctor needs in order to be able to complete this state mandated testing cycle. Our current needs are:

May 24th: 14 more proctors needed

May 25th: 10 more proctors needed

May 26th: 8 more proctors needed

May 30th: 10 more proctors needed

May 31st: 10 more proctors needed

June 1st: 8 more proctors needed

June 2nd: 8 more proctors needed

June 19th: 3 more proctors needed

June 20th: 13 more proctors needed

June 21st: 5 more proctors needed

June 23rd: 13 more proctors needed

June 26th: 7 more proctors needed

June 27th: 7 more proctors needed

June 28th: 3 more proctors needed

Here's what you can do to help:

  1. Make sure your volunteer registration is up to date. You will need to update your registration if you have not already done so this school year (since July 1, 2015).
  2. Sign up for the date(s) you are available to proctor on our Sign-Up Genius: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0b49aaac283-smstesting
  3. Attend proctor training to be held on the morning of your first day of volunteer proctoring.

On your first testing day, please arrive at 7:30AM for proctor training. On subsequent days, please check in at 7:45AM and report to your assigned room so we can begin testing promptly. Volunteers should plan on being here until at least 12:00PM. This time may be longer or shorter depending on the testing session.

Thanks for all you do to support learning and teaching at Salem Middle!

Karen Randle, BS, MS, CFLE-P
Intervention Academic Family Coach
Testing Coordinator

Open Salem Middle PTA Positions for 2017/2018 School Year

It’s spring so that means flowers, warm weather and time to start recruiting next year’s PTA board. We are looking forward to another year of supporting our students and staff through grants, copy parents, tracking out hunger and cultural arts to name a few activities. To do this, we need your help. Look at the open positions below and let us know if there is something you can help with.

VP – Communication

VP – Operations

VP – Services

VP – Ways and Means

Start-Up Packets



Cultural Arts


Staff Hospitality

Fall Fundraiser

If you are interested in or have a question about one of the open position, please contact Laurie Singh at lauriesingh3@gmail.com.

Fundraising UPDATES

Our SMS PTA Yankee Candle Fundraiser has raised $665 so far for our school! We are hoping to be closer to our goal of selling over $3000 which would earn our school $1,200, so please keep up the good work and keep selling/ buying Yankee products! Our school website will be open through next weekend!

Our winner from this past week for selling the highest amount towards the fundraiser was Samantha Canting! She has won a bucket of candy and a SMS charging block, which will be delivered to her this week. Thank you to everyone who has placed an order! We appreciate your support!

Here are the details for the coming week for those who are interested in winning a prize:)

Sunday, April 30th- Friday, May 5th: Highest amount of sales will earn a $20 giftcard to Wake Zone.

Monday- Thursday (5/1-5/4): Most units sold will win a SMS Hoodie sweatshirt and charging block.

Monday- Thursday (Daily) the highest sales each day will win a SMS charging block. (4 total)

Highest overall sales from the whole fundraiser will win a $20 Wake zone gift card based on final numbers on 5/ 7/17.

*Please make sure the students name is on the orders so we know who to give the prizes to* Prizes will be brought to the students homeroom teacher for distribution.

Please help us finish strong and reach our goal to earn at least $1200! We are a little over 1/2 way there!


The SMS PTA thanks families and staff who participated in our last Spirit day/night of this school year, at THE PIZZA DUDE last Tuesday, April 25th. We enjoyed seeing those who came out to eat. Our school earned 10% of total sales from the day and the total earned for SMS PTA was $170.26!! This money will be put to good use for items that have been requested by the teachers! Thank you for supporting our teacher's needs at SMS!

District 9 Board Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

March 6, 2017
The following individuals attended the regular meeting of the Board Advisory Council for WCPSS District 9, held on March 6, 2017:
WCPSS Principals: Douglas Hooper (Adams Elementary), Stephanie Raiford (Briarcliff Elementary), Catherine Shearin (AP, Cary Elementary, substitute for Rod Stanton), Nolan Bryant (Cary High), Keith Richardson (Crossroads FLEX), Chip Mack (Davis Drive Elementary), Rick Williams (Davis Drive Middle), Shandua Ellis (AP, East Cary Middle, substitute for Nikia Davis), Winston Pierce (Farmington Woods Elementary), Kristin Walker (Green Hope Elementary), Kim Collins (AP, Green Hope High, substitute for Karen Summers), Raleigh Bame (Laurel Park Elementary), Robin Wahl (Northwoods Elementary), Tracy Purvis (AP, Reedy Creek Elementary, substitute for Catherine Yanello), Trent Evans (Reedy Creek Middle School), Derrick Evans (Salem Elementary), Elaine Hofmann (Salem Middle), and Tim Chadwick (Weatherstone Elementary).
BAC 9 Representatives: Shawna Schnorr (Adams Elementary), Marian Ingham (Briarcliff Elementary), Joanie Peterson (Cary Elementary), Teresa MacDonald (Cary High), Jennifer Lanzen (Crossroads FLEX), Substitute for Julie Swanson (Davis Drive Elementary), Jennifer Kaczynski (Davis Drive Middle), Karen Stinneford (East Cary Middle), Mano Meenaksh (Farmington Woods Elementary), Dee Deanhardt (Green Hope High), Jennifer Teborek (Laurel Park Elementary), Julie Roseland (Northwoods Elementary), Suzanne Davis (Reedy Creek Middle), Jane Shiflett (Salem Elementary), Tracy Taylor (Salem Middle), Sarah Ericksen (Weatherstone Elementary), Kathy Cawley (West Cary Middle School), and Curt Stangler (At-Large).
Staff and Public Guests: Mark Savage (Western Area Superintendent), Seydric Williams (Northwestern Area Superintendent), Michelle Tempke (Administrative Intern, Davis Drive Elementary School); and the guest speakers identified below.
Members Absent: Parent reps for Green Hope Elementary, Green Hope High School, Kingswood Elementary, Reedy Creek Elementary; Nancy Caggia (At-Large), and Diana Bader (At-Large); also, WCPSS principals Sherry Schliesser (Kingswood Elementary) and Robert James (West Cary Middle).
Call to Order
The regular meeting of the District 9 Board Advisory Council was called to order at 5:40 pm on Monday, March 6, 2017 at Weatherstone Elementary School.
Business Items
Following a motion to approve, duly seconded, the group voted to approve the draft minutes from meetings held on November 14, 2016 and January 30, 2017. The final meeting for the current school year will be held at Reedy Creek Magnet Middle School on Monday, April 24, 2017 at 5:30 pm..
Tim Chadwick, Principal for Weatherstone, welcomed all to the school and highlighted the recent building maintenance and parent-child events that Weatherstone holds for its families. The Weatherstone PTA was recognized for the wonderful meal service provided to the group.
Main Topic and Guest Speaker
WCPSS Middle School Achievement: Insights and Opportunities
Mr. Fletcher introduced the meeting’s guest speakers: Mr. Brian Kingsley, WCPSS Assistant Superintendent of Academics; and Dr. Kengie Bass, WCPSS Senior Director, Middle School Programs.
Mr. Kingsley and Dr. Bass reviewed recently submitted results of an in-depth middle school analysis, identifying insights and opportunities on middle school academic progress. The analysis attempts to uncover and identify current best practices within WCPSS, those focused on helping struggling middle school students. The presentation began with middle school test results, and progressed to grade level specifics for grade level proficiencies and CCR (college and career ready) levels. The presenters noted that the current Common Core standards began in the 2013-14 school year; grades in both categories have gone up every year. Overall, for the 2015-16 school year, 67.9% of kids tested “proficient” at their grade level. Proficiency data shows progress in all subject areas, with the largest increase in Math I. In terms of a perceived “middle school drop” – in which students achievement levels decrease from elementary school to middle school – the data did not support that theory in Reading. However, while that “drop” can be seen between Math 5 and Math 6, the gap decreased from 2013 to 2016. Overall, the middle school students in WCPSS are testing significantly above the North Carolina state average. WCPSS out-performs all the larger school districts in the state in CCR data. However, Asheville and Chapel Hill-Carrboro, both much smaller districts, score higher than WCPSS.
WCPSS utilizes the EVAAS system, which makes a statistical prediction on student growth based on the individual’s historical data. Unfortunately, the percentages of schools not meeting growth expectations has grown. When looking at the data by subject, the Math scores not meeting growth might be explained by some of the recent changes in Math instruction – including compressing Math programs, the district’s focus on moving kids into a higher Math level, and Common Core adjustments.
In closing, Mr. Kingsley and Dr. Bass identified the following action items:
1. Future plans to disaggregate the data, in order to identify specific schools that need the most support.
2. An opportunity to strengthen academic growth by examining and adjusting middle school schedules. Although high schools are consistent in their block scheduling, middle schools schedules are very different from school to school. A group of principals has been identified to review this problem closely and identify exemplary schedules. The presenters anticipate that middle schools will be provided with a menu of schedules to choose from.
3. A need to deepen the overall knowledge of content, standards, and instructional shift. WCPSS staff has recently reviewed overall curriculum English/Language Arts for K-6 grades. Other items will be introduced in a multi-year rollout, including a new Math resource with significant technology improvements.
4. A need to strengthen the transition to/from middle school, and provide more resources for parents including curriculum overview and increased opportunities for parent involvement. Parents are viewed as a major stake-holder; an “onboarding” program for parents to middle school would be beneficial.
Group discussion followed the presentation, including multiple comments/opinions on school start times for WCPSS middle schools.
The full presentation can be found here: https://simbli.eboardsolutions.com/meetings/TempFolder/Meetings/SAC_%202.13.17_%20MIDDLE%20SCHOOL%20ACHIEVMENT%20PRESENTATION_82821tazlxbpv2o2sp2lpp34vexhn.pdf
Board of Education Update
Mr. Fletcher provided a brief update on BOE activities, including the recently published Equity Initiatives and Results report. The group then participated in a round-table discussion on the new State-mandated class-size limits in kindergarten through third grade. The following article was referenced to the group in the meeting agenda: http://www.newsobserver.com/news/local/education/article136200513.html. The new, unfunded mandate by the NCGA will go into effect on July 1, 2017.
The new class-size limits being mandated by the NCGA will greatly affect the school district, particularly in regards to the following types of teachers: Art, music, PE, technology, intervention, and school counselors. Potentially, 400 teachers could be affected in WCPSS alone. Timing is crucial, as many WCPSS schools – especially year-round schools – will need to begin hiring for the next school year very soon.
There is pending legislation in House Bill 13 (HB13) that will provide relief. HB13 was passed unanimously in the NC House in December, but has yet to be voted on by the NC Senate. Unless HB13 is passed by the Senate, the reduced class-size will go into effect on July 1. Parents were encouraged to follow the topic and voice their opinions. In response to requests by parents for addition information that can be disseminated at their schools, Mr. Fletcher agreed to provide additional communications.
Mr. Fletcher adjourned the meeting at approximately 7:04 pm. The group's next meeting will be held on Monday, April 24, 2017 at 5:30 pm at Reedy Creek Magnet Middle School Elementary.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Julie Roseland.

Apex High School PTSA Information
Any families interested in learning more about Salem Middle as their year-round option

Welcome to Apex High. Get involved at the start. Your student is starting high school. Being involved in the PTSA is a great way for you to know what’s going on at the school. Get to know other parents, the staff and help us do the many great things we do to enrich the learning environment at AHS. The 2017-2018 will be unlike any other year at Apex High School and the PTSA needs to fill several positions to make the transition to Green Level HS go smoothly. There are Executive Board positions, committee chair positions, and some positions are helping existing committee members already in those positions. Board members are expected to attend monthly meetings. Committee chairs are encouraged to attend. If you are interested in any of these positions or have questions, please contact PTSA President Kathi Welch ( kathi@welchfamily.com).

  • VP-Programs/Fundraising: Help president coordinate all events, programs, and fundraising along with committee chairs. Time commitment will vary throughout the year; other than events, this position usually calls for less than a couple hours a month.
  • VP-Communications: The majority of this position requires compiling the start-up packets to be handed out to students the first week of school. The VP-Communications coordinates the collection of the fliers to go in the packets from the school, cougar club, and other organizations. S/he arranges to have them copied, if needed, and organizes the packing day (with the great help from the AHS National Honor Society). After that, the VP just helps the PTSA as needed. Generating the start-up packets can take about 20 hours between coordinating what goes into the packets, reviewing the fliers for accuracy, getting the copies made, and stuffing the envelopes. But once this is done this position usually calls for less than a couple hours a month.
  • Treasurer: The treasurer manages the financials of the PTSA. The bulk of the work is writing checks and making deposits. S/he also generates the monthly reports for the PTSA meetings via QuickBooks. This position usually calls for 1-2 hours a week, a little more in the beginning of the year with all the membership and spirit wear sales.
  • (Rising) Senior Parents: A chair and helpers needed.
  • (Rising) Junior Parents: A chair and helpers needed.
  • Spirit Wear: Helpers needed.
  • Cougar Notes: Compile, edit, and distribute weekly PTSA email.
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Input information from signup genius and paper forms into document to give to committee chairs
  • Academic Emphasis: Helpers needed to coordinate with staff to generate academic achievement certificates and magnets, printing and distributing.
  • Fundraising: Help coordinate and plan fundraising events such as dodgeball, spirit nights at local restaurants, other efforts.

Get the scoop on what’s going on at Apex High. The PTSA sponsors Cougar Notes, a weekly newsletter, for the happenings of AHS. You are welcome to subscribe.


Salem Middle School PTA Facebook Page

The link for the new Salem Middle School PTA Facebook page is below. Please follow us.


Spirit Rock

The Salem Middle PTA is proud to offer the opportunity to rent the spirit rock for a week. For the price of $35 a week you can rent the rock to express Salem pride, wish someone a happy birthday or mark a special occasion. Just a reminder that if you rent the rock for a week, you must supply your own paint and paint the rock yourself. Use this link to sign up for the week you want. http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0c4faca8238-salem2.


Amazon Smile
Raise money for Salem each time you make a purchase on Amazon! Learn more

Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter will donate 2% of your Private Label purchases when you use your VIC card. This is such an easy way to raise funds for Salem Middle School. To link your card: Lowes Foods
Lowes Foods Cart To Class is a school donation program where Lowes Foods will give back to Salem Middle when they purchase store brands of products. These include Lowes Foods, Full Circle, World Classics Trading Company, Academix, Domestix, Electrix, Better Value, Top Care and Paws Premium. You can register up to three schools. Register your card online at https://rewards.lowesfoods.com. Click on Enroll in Cart to Class.

Office Depot & PostNet in Apex
Link your customer savings cards for Office Depot and PostNet in Apex for a painless way to contribute to your child’s school. After you link your card, funds will automatically be sent to Salem Middle School. This income is a great supplement for the PTA programs we offer!

Kroger (Kroger Plus Card for Education)
Each time registered supporters shop at a Kroger store and use their Kroger Plus Card, they earn points for our school- points we redeem for educational supplies. Please register with our School Bar Code (see below) with a Kroger Cashier and have it scanned or go to the Customer Service desk and have scanned. Note that cards cannot be linked until September.

Thank you to our families who take the time to link their rewards cards to help the PTA raise funds with your everyday purchases. Last year the school received over $3,000 in funds and products. If you have any questions about these programs, please contact the PTA Vice President of Ways and Means, Laurie Singh at lauriesingh3@gmail.com

Publix Grocery
Do you shop at PUBLIX and want to help raise money for Salem Middle School too? Please stop by the front office at the school and pick up a key-ring card linked to our SMS account. Every time this card is scanned at check-out, SMS earns $$$ for our school.

Please continue to turn in your Harris Teeter VIC card link-up forms (purple paper from your start-up packets) or email your last name, VIC card number, and associated phone number with that account to: lauriesingh3@gmail.com and we'll add you to our school's database .These are easy ways to support SMS PTA! Thank you for helping to raise funds for our school.

PTA Membership

Did you know that the only way to get a directory from the school is by joining the PTA? Have you joined yet? It’s not too late, click here to download a form and send it in today! It’s only $9 for a family and $6 for an individual!

Suggestions for Improving Communications?

Email the PTA at kim.trezona @gmail.com if you have any constructive suggestions for improving communications.

The Principal latest Message

If you missed Ms. Hofmann latest message from April 4th you can read to it here .

Follow Your Principal on Twitter to see why we are #SALEMPROUD.

Click here to check out Principal Hofmann's tweets.

Check out the latest National PTA Bulletin
Calender Notes

May 2nd
PTA Board in Media Center 7;00pm

May 3rd
Boy's Soccer vs Mills Park 4:00

May 4th-6th
School Musical

May 10th
STUCO 3:00-4:00
JROTC 3:15-4:15

May 11th
Track 2 - last day before Track Out

May 12th
Track 3 Returns

May 16th
Rising 6th Graders Open House 6:30-7:30

May 25th
Blue Notes Concert 7:00-8:00

May 29th

May 31st
JROTC 3:15-4:15

School Counselors

Mr. Jerry Decker 6th Grade jdecker@wcpss.net 367-2463

Ms. Katie Lewis 7th Grade klewis4@wcpss.net 367-2462

Mrs. Kerri Bridges 8th Grade kbridges@wcpss.net 367-2469


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